Saturday, April 01, 2006


The blog is down till I find out why it's been acting up lately. So go to and have fun. More updates coming soon, more interviews, more street fashion, Spread section set to open next week and much more.

Quan Luv

Monday, March 27, 2006

Greg Reppin A.L.I.E.N

Just spotted this on the Mighty Healthy Blog. Greg from Mishka is sportin our Fresh Prince of NYC cap. He is at some party that took place over the weekend.

File Hosted at

We gettin out there, best watch out!


Monday, March 20, 2006

Opus 22

Here are some random pics that Quan Luv took while chillen at Samantha's, from Skate Collection, party at Opus 22.

Quan Luv and Veronica

Saint from Laced Magazine

Wade from aNYthing

Angie from Alife!


Mishka Spring

Quan Luv and I both agrre that Mishka, a very nice up and coming company, is run by cool people. So we decided to show some love to them. They just gave out some info on a new tee that will be released before any of their other stuff, dubbed the "He's A Whore" tee.

Here's the info that you need to know in order to buy the shirt:

Miska says:

How Crass of us, huh? Oh wait, we already did that... Anyway, we manage to make things difficult for ourselves every season. Last year it was the Beastee, and this time it's this! We're a printer's worst nightmare, and your vulgar dream come true. We've heard your whispers and gotten the emails. Some of you have probably even seen Greg about town, proudly showing our affinity for...well...fucking. Since so many of you have asked, we've decided to lift the curtain on this gem a little earlier than the rest of our The Kids are Alright Spring '06 line. Why? Well, because this badboy is such a pain in the ass to produce, we wanted to make sure those who wanted it had a chance to get it, because it's going to be gone us.

So we proudly present our He's a Whore T-shirt which will be available in Charcoal (click the image to enlarge) and Lime Green. It's a discharge all-over print, with a front and back plastisol print on top of that!

We're going to be taking pre-orders on it for one week. So if you're interested, simply Paypal $40 (domestic), $46 (International) to with He's a Whore Pre-order in the subject line. Please specify the size and color you'd like and be sure to include your address. You can expect to receive the shirt between April 15th and 30th.

Give Your Support!

These type of companies (like A.L.I.E.N) will drive the industry in the future!


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hataz In Da Streetz

For some of you who know Quan Luv, you'll know he's a funny guy. He's always prank'n someone or do'n some'n wild. He made this lil clip in response to the "hataz in da streetz."


New Section: Cartel NYC

Quan Luv's partner in crime, Tigga, has released t-shirts from her new line Cartel NYC. You can view her pieces at The New Section and purchase her t-shirts at the aNYthing gangstore.

Here is a little taste


Friday, March 17, 2006

Fresh caps

The new A.L.I.E.N snap caps (being named the Fresh Prince of NY caps) are now available at the Gangstore. They will be available pretty soon in SHQ as well.

aMAYzing looking simply amazing in an A.L.I.E.N cap.


Supreme re-opened yesterday with some really fly shit. A lot of new t-shirts were sold out QUICK and the lines were out the door. I even heard people were sleeping outside for the Dipset shirt!?!? (SMH) I wonder if they knew that they'll be recieving more of the dipset t-shirts today?

Shout out to my boy Faro, he's been tag'n up the city hard. Be on the look out for this Egyptian king.


My partner in crime Tigga has released her line, Cartel NYC t-shirts over at aNYthing gangstore. Grab them while they are hot... You see how people are try'n to snatch me for my jewels?????????

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Sections Coming Soon

With all the support for A.L.I.E.N growing, the site will also be growing as well! You can expect to see two new sections up very soon.



Here they are, the new caps that will available in NYC next week!

Presenting the NYC Bull Shit Caps!

These caps will be released exclusively at aNYthing Gangstore next week. Could this be an A.L.I.E.N and aNYthing collabo? I honestly don't know yet; that's is as much as I could get out of Quan.

Presenting The Fresh Prince of New York Multi Color Caps!

These will also be available at the aNYthing Gangstore but additionally will be sold at Sugar Headquarters Boutique.


Akir's Release Party

Last week was Akir's album release party for Legacy. Some of you may know Akir from Immortal Technique's album Revolutionary Volume Two, for the "One" Remix track. A lot of people came out to support and perform. Majesty kicked off the show, followed by Diabolic, Hasan Salaam, Poison Pen, then the one and only Killah Priest of the Wu Tang Clan. After Killah Priest, Akir did a lot of joints from the album. The album itself is crazy, my picks are "Tropical Fantasy" with Jean Grae, and "Legacy" with Veks One and Mas-D. The release party was a beautiful thing, its refreshing to know artists are still upholding the culture. After Akir performed, Tech dropped some shit. Overall it was a successful release party, and had a mad good time!



The Intern from OUTTER SPACE

what's up people? I'm Alex the new A.L.I.E.N intern yo! Imma be helping out behind the scenes from this point on. First off I'd like to thank Quan Luv for giving me this dope opportunity to join the team and for also allowing me to post my feelings concerning the street fashion culture! Thanks homie. You all better be on the lookout!

By the way, all my views and topics posted by me; are my own opinions.
Not of Quan Luv or A.L.I.E.N!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mass Appeal Magazine Isuue #38 Release party

On saturday Mass Appeal Magazine had an issue release party at the Canal chapter. The night was sponsored by Vodka and Redbull and what do you get when you mix the two? Check out the pics of everyone who took a few sips. Team Facelift and Apathy did their thing and represented hard with the music and rhymes. After my fith cup of that red juice, the rest of the night was just a blur. So check out our gallery section for details of the night.